What Brow is What?

Which Brow Treatment Is For Me? So if you've looked at all what possibilities are out there for your eyebrows, you'll be surprised to see just how many different treatments you have on offer. Whoever thought they would be such a major event in our daily routine. If you're like me and [...]

What Brow is What?2020-08-16T10:34:29+01:00

The Reality Behind A Small Business

The Reality Behind A Small Business As the lockdown begins to ease and the new normal gets underway I just wanted to give a mention to all those small businesses out there. Those who have kept going relentlessly through all of this.  Whether its been an essential part of keeping the country [...]

The Reality Behind A Small Business2020-06-21T19:56:05+01:00

Who is behind Pro Level Beauty

Who is behind Pro Level Beauty Hi, I’m Karen Kirby I’m 44, and live in Malton, North Yorkshire with my two sons and Fiancé. I grew up in Malton and went to All Saints school in York. Always swaying towards all the creative side of school subjects, I went on to study [...]

Who is behind Pro Level Beauty2020-06-07T13:51:21+01:00




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