Where did my inspiration come from?

I get so many lovely comments on the inside décor of the salon and how I came to name it Pro Level Beauty so I thought I’d share with you just how I got my first inspiration.

Four years ago this week (September 2016) I went on a trip to New York with the girls for a long awaited trip we’d planned 3 years previously to celebrate some of our 40th birthdays.

We packed so much into our three night stay and had an itinerary planned to the last minute to make the most of what we could see and do.

If you have been before you will have seen the amazing buildings and experienced the whole feel of this incredible city.

Amongst the usual sites of Empire State building, Statue of Liberty we visited one of the coolest tourist places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

It was called The High Line, a former New York Central Railroad, a landscaped, elevated linear park.

I felt instantly calm and relaxed as walked along this stunning greenway in the September sunshine, taking in the smells, the views, the architecture and just the whole amazing feeling of this place.

We also took an open top ride round the city to take in all of the highlights, seeing the magnificent buildings from higher up, a lot of which you miss from ground level.  So many of the buildings with the most beautiful window boxes and hanging flowers and plants that just made you smile.

At this point I’d had thoughts or visions of possibly separating my home life from work and maybe having a salon of my own one day but it still seemed so far away.

I couldn’t help but look at these beautiful buildings and thinking, wow I’d love to have a salon like that, high up out of the way, like an open plan apartment with lovely hanging plants and window boxes.

Could it really happen?

It wasn’t until a year later, after looking at costs with a friend and breaking it all down that it actually became a possibility and not just a daydream.

I had all these visions and ideas in my head of what it would look like and were it would be before I’d even found a building.

Then a second floor of an old building became available, it didn’t look great on the details in fact it looked like far too much work but I wanted to go and see just to rule it out.

It was some old offices that’s has never had any TLC for many many years and looks nothing like it does now but as soon as we went in all I could feel was an instant calmness and relaxation, there was so many windows which flooded it with sunlight.


All I could visualise was it as a finished salon with trailing plants and flowers on white walls,  with rooms for different treatments. A rustic feel with but with a classy finish.

This was totally a rendition of what I’d seen and felt whilst visiting New York not quite on the same scale but on my scale, what I’d been dreaming of had actually come my way.

The name followed next, I wanted it to be represent what my ethos has always been of working to a professional standard whilst being on a higher level building, and Pro Level Beauty was born.

Whilst this was a place I got so much inspiration from, it was just a small part of the whole picture. Inspirations comes from all kinds of things, not always people but different smells, different feelings and experiences that all come together and become part of what you are and your vision of where you can see yourself.

Keep dreaming and then start planning and they may well come to life, Karen K x