Super Hydrating Serum

Super Hydrating Serum

A booster treatment for additional hydration and anti-ageing supportin all skin types and conditions, particularly those exposed to seasonal changes, there by restoring skin health.



pH 5.0

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  • Immediate hydration exerts a filmogenic humectant effect
  • Reduces and maintains trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • Repairs and maintains barrier protection after deep exfoliation treatments
  • Actives accumulate in the lower layers of the skin for internal hydration and acts as a water reserve
  • Hydrating and collagen stimulating ingredients maintain collagen health and the moisture retaining ability of connective tissue fibres in the skin resulting in skin comfort and softness (if used on a long-term basis)
  • Restores the balance and comfort in skins

Skin Classification

Environmentally damaged skin

Hyperpigmented skin

Problematic skin (with dehydration due to side effects of harsh treatment or medication

Primary ingredients

  • Phytoprotect (protects and regenerates the skin barrier)
  • Hydrating Bio-complex (restores skin functioning)
  • Hydrosoluble Xylans Algae Extract (rejuvenating properties & restores skin functioning)

Secondary ingredients

  • Nano Emulsion via Nanospheres (delivery system promotes penetration and efficacy of active ingredients


am and/or pm 

  • May be used as required under appropriate Nimue day/night preparation.
  • Apply a thin layer to a clean dry skin after Nimue Conditioner and massage into face, neck and décolleté until fully absorbed.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Alternate nightly with Nimue Active Lotion/Gel.
  • May be used daily as required or for periodic use depending on the skin requirements.
  • Recommended during the Transitional Period.


*Contact for a consultation to purchase any Nimue Products*


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