Which Brow Treatment Do I Choose?

Do you often wonder out of all the brow treatments on offer which one is for me?  There’s so many to choose from but which would fit my needs and be the most suitable?

The good news is there is a whole range of brow treatments that I offer and one of them will be just right for you!

Who’s brows do you look at and think “wow I wish mine were like that!”

There’s so many factors to take into account when deciding what your ideal brow would be, both from a client’s point of view and a brow artist.

I’ve put together my top points for you to think about which will help you decide which way to go…

9 Things To Think About

1. Are you looking short term temporary or more longer term permanent?

2. What is your ideal brow shape?

3. What are your natural brows like? Thick coarse, fine, patchy, overplucked, naturally thin

4. What overall finish are you looking for? natural, make up, fuller, soft, defined

5. What is your natural brow shape like? flat, low arch, high arch

6. Do you want to enhance or change the shape significantly?

7. How often do you pluck them and where?

8. Do you currently use make up to shade or draw your brows in every day

9. Do you want more hair strokes to fill in any gaps?

Which One Will It Be?

Now you have answered some of your own queries we can look at just what is on offer!

A good brow artist will cover all these factors and more, before going ahead with any brow treatment at a consultation.

As we move along with these new times of online consultations this will really help you decide.

Will it be Henna, HD Brows, Tint &  Shape, Microblading, Powder, Ombre, Machine hair strokes or a Semi Permanent combination?

Look out for my next blog where I will delve deeper into each one, answering those questions you have about each of them and see just what is what!

Love Karen x

To book a consultation email me at prolevelbeauty@gmail.com or message me on Facebook or Instagram as the online booking is really full due Covid catch up!